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What is classic solitaire? Well, when generally when someone says the word "solitaire", this version of the game is the first thing that comes to mind.

Maybe you're old school enough that you were taught how to play this awesome game with an actual card deck. Crazy, right?

However it is that you came to learn to play this game, you probably don't need me to teach you the rules. But hey, in case you do, then read on.

classic solitaire rules

The object of classic solitaire is to move all of the cards into the 4 piles in the upper right: the foundation piles.

The foundation piles are ordered from Ace to King (i.e., Ace, 2, 3, … Jack, Queen, King), and must be arranged by suit (e.g. only Diamonds can go in one pile).

But of course, nothing is so simple as moving cards into the foundation piles without making some other moves first.

In order to win at classic solitaire, you'll have to master using the stock and the tableau piles to your advantage.

There are 7 tableau piles. Each has a single face up card. The left most pile has a single face up card and zero face down cards. The next pile has 1 face up, and 1 face down, the next has 1 face up, and 2 face down, and so on.

Whenever you uncover a face down card, you immediately turn it over to reveal it. And how do you uncover face down cards? By moving the cards on top.

Valid moves in the tableau pile are by alternating color (e.g. red, black, red) and by descending order (e.g. King, Queen, … 3, 2).

Depending upon the rules you play with, whenever you free up a blank space, you may place a King or you may place any card you wish to. If you wish to use the second option, then check out the Options menu and look for the option that allows any card on a tableau pile.

Similarly, there is some flexibility with how cards are drawn from the stock pile (the top left pile of cards). The default is to only flip 1 card over at a time. I like this option the most, however, if you want to go the traditional route, you can change the option so that 3 cards are flipped at a time.

That's about all there is to a game of classic solitaire. However, the devil is in the details, so it can take a lifetime to master.

We hope you enjoy playing!

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